10,000 doses of COVID-19 vaccines available today at mass inoculation event

By The Star Staff

The VOCES Coalition for Immunization and Health Promotion of Puerto Rico, along with the island Department of Health, will carry out a Super VacuTour mass vaccination event for 15 hours straight today from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. at Pedro Rosselló González Convention Center in Miramar, San Juan.

People from 35 to 49 years old with chronic diseases will be able to make an appointment, as well as those 50 years and older, for their first dose against COVID-19. Also employees from the food, banking, communications and manufacturing industries may participate if they are 21 years of age or older with evidence of their employment and their appointment through

According to a press release, VOCES has activated all its resources and hundreds of volunteers for the island’s first mass vaccination event with extended hours.

“Health professionals continue to be the heroes in the battle against this pandemic, especially those who, along with thousands of volunteers, have helped us to get Puerto Rico to exceed one million vaccinations administered,” said Lilliam Rodríguez Capó, CEO and founder of VOCES. “We are honored this Wednesday to have the commitment and service of more than 900 volunteers and 600 professionals hired, ready, trained and with a big heart. We are taking a big step by extending our hours and opening access to new categories.”

Receiving a vaccination in today’s Super Vacutour event requires the following:

* Have requested and received an appointment on time, by text and by email.

* Upon arrival at the event, people will queue their cars in order of arrival and park, keeping their turns. Access to the Convention Center parking is free of charge.

* People must present evidence of appointment in printed or digital form along with an employment identification or job letter, depending on the age group or industry to which they belong. If they do not have an appointment at hand and evidence of belonging to the segment of the population called, they will not be given access to the Convention Center.

* Once confirmed that they comply with the above, citizens will be given access to the Convention Center facilities in an orderly manner through the side entrances to enter by walking and begin their registration and inoculation process.

* Citizens must have completed the registration document and if they do not have it, they can do it at the entrance table.

According to a press release, Super VacuTour will be able to receive up to 10,000 people thanks to the Convention Center, which has joined the effort by providing its facilities free of charge.

“We are honored to be part of this mass vaccination event for the benefit of our citizens, and to be able to contribute with the facilities and services of the Convention Center to make it viable,” said Jorge Pérez, regional manager of ASM Global, which administers the Convention Center. “The Center welcomes and opens its doors to thousands of people with the usual hospitality, security and enthusiasm so that they receive a dose of protection and hope in our facilities.”

Mariela Vallines, executive director of the Puerto Rico Convention District Authority, added that “we are proud to collaborate with VOCES and the Department of Health in this mass vaccination initiative that will benefit thousands of employees from various commercial sectors, as well as other citizens.”

“We continue to make progress in bringing the benefit of the COVID-19 vaccine to achieve the reactivation of our economy in a responsible and safe way,” she said.

Likewise, the contribution of Direct Relief to the mass vaccination efforts was highlighted.

“Direct Relief has been supporting VOCES in all its vaccination efforts and now for the vaccination against COVID-19, it has financed the purchase of computers for data entry, refrigerators for the transport and storage of vaccines and operational expenses,” said Ivonne Rodríguez Wiewall, executive advisor of Direct Relief in Puerto Rico.

Prevention continues to be a priority to protect people and avoid putting more lives at risk. The use of a mask, maintaining physical distance and washing hands are the strongest tools for reducing infections and, at the same time, preventing new and possibly more dangerous mutations from appearing.

More information can be found at and, and the social networks of the Puerto Rico Department of Health and the VOCES Coalition for Immunization and Health Promotion of Puerto Rico.

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