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161 arrested for drunk driving in highway patrol sweep

By The Star Staff

Throughout last week, Highway Patrol Bureau and Police Bureau officers conducted preventive patrols across Puerto Rico, issued tickets for administrative offenses and made arrests for various crimes, police said Monday.

A total of 23,711 tickets were issued and seven arrests were made for controlled substances, five people were arrested for Weapons Law violations and one person was arrested for burglary at Martha Lafontaine School in Utuado, according to the police. Meanwhile, 161 arrests were made for driving while intoxicated.

During the interventions uniformed officers seized a revolver, two pistols, a pneumatic pistol, six ammunition cartridges, and 12 bags of crack cocaine. Also seized were two bags of marijuana along with two marijuana cigarettes, and 37 vials of the same drug.

Meanwhile, 10 vehicles were impounded and another three were recovered. Also seized: another vehicle because of violation of Law 8, two “four tracks” and $275 in cash.

The number of deaths in traffic accidents for the year stood at 128 as of early Monday, compared to 194 for the year 2021, which represents a difference of minus 66. Of those fatalities, 54 have been drivers, 31 pedestrians, 12 passengers, 27 motorcyclists and three bicyclists.

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