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2 arrested in slaying of retired schoolteacher in Caguas

By The Star Staff

Puerto Rico Police Bureau Commissioner Antonio López Figueroa and prosecutor Maribel Mojiva Franceshi announced Wednesday the arrest of José Antonio Guatier Medina, 20, and Michael Rodríguez Flores, 21, who are accused of killing retired schoolteacher Margarita Rodríguez Morales on May 15 during a shootout in Caguas.

The pair face one count of first-degree murder, one count of shooting in a public area and two counts of violation of the gun law. Rodríguez Flores also faces one count of possession of controlled substances.

Both are linked to the criminal organization led by Nelson Torres Delgado, alias El Burro, according to authorities.

“From the very day of the event, I made a commitment to the family of Doña Margarita to do her justice, clarifying the facts of this unfortunate incident. Today, thanks to the work of my police officers and the Department of Justice, we managed to get two individuals dedicated to committing violent crimes off the street,” López Figueroa said in a written statement. “This is a clear message to those who engage in breaking the law with no sense of respect for life. We will go after them to get them out of circulation.”

Judge Ingrid Caro Cobb found cause on all the charges and set bail at $100,000 each. The preliminary hearing was scheduled for Oct. 31.

According to the investigation, the death of Rodríguez Morales occurred during a shootout between El Burro’s gang and a group called Los Viraos over the control of drug distribution points.

The day after the events, police officers arrested Jared Rosario Echeverría, 20, and Brian Sierra Fernández who face charges of violation of the weapons law for their participation in the retired teacher’s killing.

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