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2nd phase of PARE anti-domestic violence campaign launched

The second phase of the campaign “El Momento del Pare” will promote informational internet pages for citizens on the services and tools available to combat and eradicate gender violence.

By John McPhaul

The Puerto Rico government announced the second phase of the El Momento del Pare campaign earlier this week, which will promote informational internet pages for citizens on the services and tools available to combat and eradicate gender violence.

The chairwoman of the PARE Committee, Family Secretary Carmen Ana González Magaz, made the announcement during the presentation of several murals representing gender violence, which were inaugurated in Placita de Santurce and in The Mall of San Juan shopping center. The web pages of the Committee for Gender Violence Prevention, Support, Rescue and Education (PARE) will be available through QR codes that will be located in public agencies and in various private sector establishments so that people can scan the code with a smartphone and access information.

“We have achieved a great impact with the first phase of the PARE Committee’s campaign on education against gender violence,” González Magaz said at a press conference on Monday. “The scope of the shared messages is magnified thanks to citizen collaboration and the awareness that we can all contribute to eradicate violence. With these new strategies we reach new audiences through the use of technology and artistic expressions that reach everyone.”

The official also stressed that “together we can achieve a culture of peace, fostering dialogue, being a model for our children, seeking help when necessary, valuing diversity, identifying risky behaviors, and respecting the lives and rights of all.”

The second phase of the campaign will also feature a mass media campaign, which will include television ads to continue to carry the message on the TeleOnce, Telemundo, Wapa TV, WIPR, Fox, Mega TV and Paid Media-Liberty channels.

In addition, GFR Media, Programatic and Noticel will publish the campaign’s message content digitally; Planet Media, Hello Media and bMedia will publish it on billboards; Univisión Radio, La X and SBS will broadcast it on the radio; and El Nuevo Día y Primera Hora will publish it in the press.

Meanwhile, Banco Popular de Puerto Rico will share the announcement in its branches and the Liberty company also joined the promotional efforts.

The initiative of the QR code for establishments was joined by the United Retailers Center — which represents thousands of small and midsize companies on the island — the Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce — which unites all commercial sectors — and the Retail Trade Association.

Those organizations have committed to disseminating the QR code and the posters to all their members to encourage them to display them in their establishments and thus give greater publicity to the campaign.

Likewise, the initiative was joined by the L’Oréal company; El Mesón and McDonald’s restaurants; Walgreens pharmacies; Walmart, Sam’s and Amigo stores; and Grupo Colón Gerena and its Applebee’s, Longhorn, Olive Garden, Red Lobster, Sizzler and Wendy’s restaurants; among many others who have already committed to displaying the posters in their stores, restaurants and commercial establishments.

All public agencies will receive posters, signs and stickers with the QR code to make them available in all government offices. In addition, an electronic file with all the art has been prepared to make it available to agencies, public corporations and municipalities. In this way, the code will be available to print the posters and the QR code on the PARE Committee website, so that it can be published in as many places as possible.

González Magaz highlighted the efforts of the muralists who joined the campaign against gender violence and stressed that the murals that were presented Monday “are artistic representations of this struggle and of the need to create a society of equity and respect in which there is no place for gender violence.”

The mural presented in Placita de Santurce belongs to the muralists Rafael Vega and Rosenda Álvarez.

Meanwhile, the artworks located in The Mall of San Juan are the creation of the art collective Dos Pinceles by the twins Gabriela and Patricia Urrutia; Eliezer Pagán’s The Amazing Ske; and the artists Danilo Lozada, Alexandra López Tapia — known as Alicia en Oz — Lucindo Fidalgo, Sarah Urbain, Lorena Nazario, Christina Lewis Vizcarrondo — alias Bonesy — and Betsy Casañas.

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