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55% discount for overdue debts with CRIM ends Monday

By The Star Staff

Monday is the deadline to benefit from the 55 percent discount on the payment of overdue debts with the Municipal Revenue Collections Center (CRIM by its Spanish acronym).

CRIM Executive Director Reinaldo Paniagua Látimer announced Thursday that, after that date, the staggered discounts of 40 percent and 25 percent will be applied until June 30, as stipulated in the Special Regulation for Taxpayer Benefits for Debt Payment, as approved by the CRIM and endorsed by the Financial Oversight and Management Board.

“We again call on citizens to take advantage of this great opportunity to update those accounts that have been in the CRIM records for many years, paying only the principal of the debt with a 55 percent discount, without interest, surcharges or penalties, because, although the plan continues, the discounts are reduced,” Paniagua Látimer said in a written statement.

He noted that the special plan will continue with a 40 percent discount during March and April and a 25 percent discount for May and June.

The objectives of the Special Taxpayer Benefit Regulation for Debt Payment” are to collect tax debts on overdue real estate and update the records of taxpayers who carry debts with the CRIM. The regulation provides that the 55 percent discount will apply to those invoices dating back to 2016.

“As of noon today we had managed to raise $163.5 million, which shows the great interest that this project has aroused among debtor taxpayers,” Paniagua Látimer said.

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