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90% of PR public employees are vaccinated against COVID-19

By The Star Staff

Zahira Maldonado Molina, director of the island government’s Office of Administration and Transformation of Human Resources, announced Thursday that according to data collected from government entities, of a total of 104,108 public employees, 93,594 have had the complete series of a COVID-19 vaccine, which represents 90 percent.

“Puerto Rico is number two in vaccination statistics nationwide and 90 percent of our public employees are part of those statistics that reflect that we are on the right track,” Maldonado Molina said in a written statement.

Meanwhile, 6,496 public employees, or 6 percent, have had the first dose of a vaccine.

Maldonado added that there are 3,467 unvaccinated employees, which represents 3 percent, while 549 unvaccinated employees are exhausting some type of applicable regular license, which corresponds to one percent.

At the end of July, Gov. Pedro Pierluisi U rrutia signed Executive Order 2021-058 in which he ruled that starting Aug. 16, agencies must require all their employees who work in person to be vaccinated.

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