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A 3rd suspect in El Hipopótamo kidnapping-homicide case is in federal custody

Federal authorties said they “were able to get the individual,” Geofley Jomar Pérez, “to turn himself in to our agents without incident.”

By The Star Staff

José González, the special agent in charge of the FBI field office in San Juan, announced on Wednesday, the delivery into custody, without incident, of Geofley Jomar Pérez, who is accused in the Oct. 31 kidnapping of three people from El Hipopótamo in Río Piedras, an incident that led to the violent death of teenager Jesús Francisco Pérez.

“We announce that this afternoon Geofley Jomar Pérez, a fugitive in the El Hipopótamo case since October 31, whose victims suffered kidnapping and the misfortune that happened with Jesús, was arrested,” González said at a press conference outside FBI offices in Hato Rey. “The commitment of law enforcement agencies, such as the FBI, the U.S. Marshals and the federal prosecutor’s office, was to bring justice to the family of Jesús and other victims.”

Wilmer Ocasio, from the U.S. Marshals Office in Puerto Rico, said Pérez turned himself in to the authorities.

“We were able to get the individual to turn himself in to our agents without incident,” Ocasio said.

The event occurred on Halloween night when several men kidnapped three people in the parking area of ​​the restaurant.

The other two implicated in this kidnapping, both of whom are in the custody of federal agencies, are Luis Cabán Nieves, alias “Casper,” and Luis Aulet Maldonado.

The trio face federal charges for “carjacking” that resulted in the death of one person, kidnapping that resulted in the death of one person, the firing of a firearm and the murder of one person with a firearm.

The victim was 16 years old.

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