A total 607 police officers are in isolation; 33 have COVID-19

By John McPhaul

Puerto Rico Police Bureau Commissioner Henry Escalera Rivera offered updated data Wednesday on COVID-19 and the island’s police force, saying a total of 607 police officers are now in isolation.

At press time Wednesday, 13 police stations and/or work units were closed as a preventive measure: Division of Special Arrests and Extraditions -- Headquarters, Community Relations Office of San Juan -- Headquarters, Orocovis District, Cyber Crimes Division, Arecibo Drug and Narcotics Division, Drugs and Narcotics Division of Utuado, Puerto Nuevo Precinct Barracks, Boys Dormitories -- Headquarters, Legal Affairs Office -- Headquarters, Guayama Highway Patrols, Manatí Highway Patrols, Bayamón Norte Precinct Barracks, and the San Juan Motorized Unit.

In addition to the 607 agents currently isolated as a preventive measure, 2,257 officers have returned to their jobs since the emergency arose.

A total of 33 agents have reported positive results for COVID-19 currently, according to tests ordered and certified by Dr. María del Carmen Calderón.

According to the Police Bureau, the breakdown of positive cases as of Tuesday were as follows: Ponce Aerial Area 1, Airport 1, Gouache 1, Special Arrests and Extraditions 1, North Bayamón 1, Caimito 1, CIC Aguadilla 6, CIC Carolina 1, CIC Fajardo 1, Ponce Command 1, Comerío 1, CRADIC 1, Cyber Crimes 1, Weapons Depot 1, Caguas District 1, Utuado Drug Division 1, La Fortaleza Detachment 1, FURA (includes SWAT) 2, Legal Affairs Office 1, Guayama Highway Patrol 1, San Juan Community Relations 5, Strike Force 1, San Juan Motorized Unit 1, Yauco 2.

Escalera said agents assigned to barracks adjacent to those affected have been designated to reinforce preventive patrolling and attend to reported complaints. Decontamination and deep cleaning processes are being carried out in all barracks and closed units. The opening of the facilities will be announced shortly, in accordance with the recommendation of the medical staff.

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