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Acclaimed race caller Dávila welcomes his successor at Camarero

Celebrated Camarero track announcer Norman H. Dávila handed over his binoculars to Joe Bruno, the new official voice of horse race calling in Puerto Rico.

By The Star Staff

Renowned sports commentator Norman H. Dávila on Thursday handed over his characteristic binoculars to Joe Bruno, the new official voice of horse race announcing in Puerto Rico.

Dávila made the presentation during an emotional act of recognition for his 50 years as a horse race caller and athlete at Camarero Racetrack following his announced retirement.

The traditional passing of the baton from Dávila to Bruno, who is a journalist, sports commentator and has worked in equestrian sports for the past 30 years, occurred after Ervin Rodríguez Vélez, Camarero’s president and CEO, announced the formal appointment of Bruno as official horse race announcer at the track in Canóvanas.

Dávila noted that he leaves the task of calling the horse races in good hands while referring to Bruno as his successor. As a symbol of the transfer, Dávila gave Bruno the binoculars that are traditionally used for better visibility of the horses during the races, which are announced from the sixth floor of the racecourse’s grandstand.

Rodríguez Vélez said Camarero’s board of directors, its officers and employees “recognize Norman’s 50-year career as a sportscaster and horse race commentator, during which he has called more than 70,000 races, as well as the great admiration that the fans have and have had for the figure that he represents for the Puerto Rican equestrian.”

Dávila and Bruno, who were accompanied by family members in the event held in the racetrack’s winners room, once again demonstrated their unconditional love for equestrianism and thanked the fans for having supported them through all the years. Dávila affirmed that he will continue to be linked to the sport in other initiatives that will also allow him to enjoy racing.

“Dávila’s imposing voice, his unique style of calling horse races and his famous phrase ‘and they open the floodgates and they are in the race’ have led him to the position of being considered one of the best track announcers in the world.”

The morning ceremony was one of several acts dedicated to Dávila since several recognitions would be paid to him at different points in the day’s equestrian session. In fact, the racetrack’s renovated television broadcast studio had already been named after him.

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