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Activist Serrano expresses grief over fatal shooting at gay club in Colorado

Joshua Thurman, right, becomes emotional outside Club Q, where he witnessed a deadly shooting on Saturday night, in Colorado Springs, Colo., on Sunday, Nov. 20, 2022. (Photo by Daniel Brenner/The New York Times)

By The Star Staff

Human rights activist Pedro Julio Serrano on Sunday expressed sorrow over the hate attack perpetrated late Saturday at the Club Q nightclub in Colorado Springs, Colorado, where five people died and more than 18 were injured.

“Waking up to the horrible news that another hate attack has occurred is heartbreaking,” Serrano said. “Until when? Enough is enough! LGBTQ+ people are human beings who deserve to live in peace, equality and freedom. My solidarity with the loved ones of the victims and with the survivors of this vile, petty and inhumane attack.”

The Puerto Rico spokesman for Para Todes recalled that a similar massacre severely affected Puerto Rico more than six years ago when 49 people were murdered at Pulse in Orlando, Florida, where 24 of the fatalities were Puerto Ricans.

“We have been closely touched by that hate that rages, that rages, that hunts us because of the hateful rhetoric of fundamentalist groups, of politicians who use us as political balloons to advance their divisive agendas,” Serrano said. “It is time for them to stop that war that they have declared on us LGBTQ+ people, because we just want to live on equal terms. Enough of so much hated — enough.”

An attacker opened fire in the gay nightclub in Colorado Springs late Saturday, killing five people and wounding 18, officials said. The club said the suspect was subdued by patrons.

Colorado Springs Police Chief Adrián Vásquez identified the suspect as 22-year-old Anderson Lee Aldrich at a news conference Sunday morning. Investigators recovered two guns at the scene and said Aldrich used a long gun during the shooting, Vásquez said. Aldrich remains in a local hospital.

Officials declined to answer questions about the suspect’s motive for the shooting, citing the ongoing investigation.

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