Additional digital services for drivers now offered

By John McPhaul

With new options for offering various digital services, Enrique Völckers Nin, the director of the Office of Innovation and Technology Services (PRITS), announced along with Transportation and Public Works Secretary Eileen Vélez Vega on Wednesday new functions available through CESCO Digital.

“Certainly, renewing the services that the Government of Puerto Rico offers so that they are more accessible is one of our priorities,” Völckers Nin said in a written statement. “For years, the procedures that citizens needed to carry out through the CESCOs were tedious, complicated and extremely slow.”

The Driver Services Centers (CESCO by the Spanish acronym) announced that all citizens who need to change the address on their license can now do so through the CESCO Digital platform. The new digital license will be updated once the address is validated.

Meanwhile, when renewing a license or requesting a duplicate, drivers can choose to have it sent by mail instead of having to pick it up at any of the 13 CESCO outlets.

In addition, an address validation system has been integrated with the Puerto Rico Aqueduct and Sewer Authority and the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority to certify that addresses are correct.

As reported in the STAR on Wednesday, the Virtual Learner’s Exam is also available, and will allow some 500 citizens per day to take the theoretical, or learner’s, exam virtually, from Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., thus reaching 2,500 weekly exams (up from the current 1,300 weekly). With the new option, the capacity for offering monthly learner’s exams, combining face-to-face with virtual ones, triples from 5,200 to over 15,200.

The PRITS director stressed that “we continue to accelerate the different services of CESCO Digital to achieve a complete transformation and continue building the Digital Government in Puerto Rico.”

“These new options and modules continue to contribute to the digital transformation of our government, in the same way they contribute to eliminating lines and waiting times at CESCOs,” Völckers Nin said.

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