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Aerostar offers recommendations for a smoother travel experience

Aerostar Puerto Rico President Jorge Hernández urged holiday travelers to focus on the things over which they can exercise some control, “such as preparation before a flight, that will help you speed up your passage through the airport and have a better travel experience.”

By The Star Staff

Aerostar Puerto Rico President Jorge Hernández said earlier this week that because Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport (SJU) expects to receive a large number of passengers during the high travel season, which covers the weeks of Thanksgiving and Christmas, travelers should make the necessary preparations to avoid setbacks,

“Thanksgiving week, especially that holiday weekend, is one of the busiest times of the year at airports,” Hernández said. “If you are going to travel on these days, keep in mind that there are factors that the passenger cannot control, such as the arrival of a plane, but there are others, such as preparation before a flight, that will help you speed up your passage through the airport and have a better travel experience.”

The airport management company offered a series of recommendations:

* Before the trip, travelers should pack carry-on luggage in accordance with Transportation Security Administration (TSA) regulations to avoid delays in the boarding process. The TSA page has a list of permitted items.

* Passengers must carry liquids, gels and aerosols whose content does not exceed 3.4 ounces in a transparent plastic bag with a seal (ziplock type), with one quart capacity.

* All luggage destined for the United States must pass through the federal Department of Agriculture (USDA) inspection station. There are restrictions on food in luggage. Do not bring food containing pork on domestic flights. New federal regulations prohibit it.

“If you travel with other types of food, we recommend bringing it frozen, in containers that keep it cold, and secured in the checked luggage that goes to the plane’s cargo area,” Hernández said. “This will avoid inspections and delays in TSA lines. Please see the guide to items allowed on board and the USDA-approved food guide.”

* Passengers must complete the registration or check-in process in advance. Most airlines allow you to do it online or from a mobile application, up to 24 hours before the flight departure. Check air traffic before you leave and verify that your flight is on time. The Aerostar page will allow you to see flight status and information for travelers in real time.

* Prior to departure to the airport, passengers must make sure to have coordinated with the airline any special assistance services such as wheelchairs.

* Passengers must also check with the airline what the travel policies are for regular and service pets. For the benefit of animal owners, SJU has pet areas in the terminals.

* Passengers must arrive at the airport with plenty of time -- at least two hours -- in advance.

* During the holidays, there is a high demand for parking spaces, and the multi-story parking lot capacity may be exhausted.

* At the airport, passengers must inspect their luggage at USDA stations before arriving at the TSA security point and have official photo identification on hand.

“Prepare for TSA screening protocol,” Hernández said. “Remove any items from your pockets, including coins; remove your coat, jacket, scarf, or any overlapping piece of clothing, and your shoes; use a separate tray to store electronics such as laptops, tablets, etc. Remember to bring your liquids and gel in containers of no more than 3.4 ounces inside a ziplock-type plastic bag.”

“You can speed up the inspection and passage through the airport process by registering for TSA Precheck, Global Entry or Clear services,” the Aerostar chief added. “The latter can be purchased through membership at the airport itself, near the main inspection point.”

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