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AES-PR & Huertas College to educate future energy professionals

By The Star Staff

Energy producer and distributor AES-Puerto Rico (AES-PR) has signed a collaborative agreement with Huertas College to exchange knowledge of energy issues with students and teachers at the educational institution in Caguas due to the new energy reality on the island.

The agreement announced this week includes in-person and/or virtual workshops on the topic of energy generation by means of thermal and renewable systems, targeting topics such as innovative solutions (such as batteries, 5B, which is a responsible transition), environmental policy and a water recycling system that avoids discharges into the ocean.

Huertas College’s Division of Continuing Education will support AES-PR and its employees in providing talks and workshops, either face-to-face or virtual, on topics related to energy or those branches of AES-PR work areas. The talks or workshops will be aimed at employees from all areas of AES-PR and, in some cases where it could be essential, they will also be offered to the community. The workshops or talks may be validated as contact hours and the granting of a certificate for evidence of those participants who require it. The certificate will be offered to interested participants at an affordable cost.

“As part of our commitment, AES-PR has been working in schools and/or universities that we can contribute to and support in the long term,” said Jesús Bolinaga, president of AES-PR. “We believe that investing in education and the development of further capacities for the communities we serve is key and one of the most powerful investments in the future.”

Huertas College President Dr. Isaac Esquilín added that “it is our primary goal to offer our enrollment cutting-edge resources so that when students finish their studies they come out prepared to be part of the workforce that Puerto Rico needs.”

AES-PR is a subsidiary of AES Corp. (NYSE: AES), a global energy company that operates a portfolio of 34,000 megawatts (MW), diversified by fuel type, including more than 3,000 MW in solar and wind projects under operation or under construction. AES Corp. has set itself an ambitious goal, to reduce the coal generation portion of its portfolio to less than 10% by or before 2027.

Guayama-based AES-PR provides safe, reliable and low-cost energy, producing approximately 25% of Puerto Rico’s electricity. AES-PR operations contribute to the island’s economy through the generation of 110 direct and 600 indirect jobs. In addition, AES-PR has diversified energy production on the island through AES Ilumina, a 20-MW solar installation.

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