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Agencies sign agreement for worker rights curriculum

The effort will be aimed at 10th grade students in the public education system.

By John McPhaul

The secretaries of the Department of Labor and Human Resources (DTRH by its Spanish initials) and the Department of Education (DE), Gabriel Maldonado González and Eliezer Ramos Parés, respectively, announced on Thursday the signing of a collaborative agreement for the curricular design of a didactic module that includes detailed instruction on labor protection legislation and the constitutional rights of the worker.

The effort will be aimed at 10th grade students in the public education system.

“The most recent figures issued by our agency and that are validated by the federal government reaffirm that the working class of Puerto Rico is growing and our young people will be a key piece in ensuring that countless companies and industries survive despite the challenges that we face,” Maldonado González said in a written statement. “Certainly, this effort made along with the DE will promote the early training of capable workers, who will soon put into practice what they have learned through this module. We trust that this alliance will result in the interest of the more than 82,000 students who will attend a higher grade next school year and who will very soon successfully undertake the search for a job while they are studying or after completing their academic level.”

Ramos Parés noted meanwhile that for the DE “it is important to have offers for the social and professional development of our students.”

“This agreement reinforces the commitment to prepare them to face the world of work and provide them with tools to empower them, so that they aspire to success,” he said. “In addition, it helps us to continue training our teachers to educate on legislation, constitutional rights and current laws that govern the labor world in Puerto Rico. This agreement with the DTRH enriches the curricular offer to continue forging leaders and workers who are responsible.”

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