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Agricultural workers to receive Christmas bonuses

Agriculture Secretary Ramón González Beiró

By The Star Staff

Agriculture Secretary Ramón González Beiró announced earlier this week that more than 6,000 agricultural employees and coffee pickers will receive the Christmas bonus after the payment of the economic incentive was made through the Agricultural Enterprises Development Administration (ADEA by its Spanish initials) with an allocation of over $1.2 million.

The farmworker bonus, which ranges from $165 to $235 depending on the employee’s hours worked, is paid annually to those farmworkers who worked in Puerto Rico for no less than 200 hours of labor.

The coffee pickers’ bonus, meanwhile, fluctuates depending on the number of bushels of mature Arabica coffee they have collected.

“The efforts and labor of our agricultural workers are fundamental for the development of our agriculture, which is why we constantly promote work in the fields,” González Beiró said Wednesday. “Workers are the operational arm of our farms and we recognize their work.”

The official noted that 1,255 coffee-picking employees will benefit from the bonus, as will 5,199 agricultural workers.

Eligibility for farmworkers is based on information provided by farmers in the Agricultural Production Incentive Program and filed with the ADEA. The farmworkers must have settled through their respective region by Sept. 30.

The eligibility of coffee pickers is in accordance with the information provided by the coffee farmers who applied for the incentive through the Farmer’s Report to Determine the Payment of the Coffee Picker Bonus application, and the pickers who complete the application.

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