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Airbnb to apply party prevention system over summer holidays


The short-term rental company Airbnb announced on Thursday the implementation of a party prevention system in anticipation of summer vacations.

The platform, which expects to host 300 million guest arrivals this year, is taking steps across the United States, including Puerto Rico, to minimize the risk of disruptive and unauthorized parties during the July 4 holiday weekend, as it did during Memorial Day weekend.

The system seeks to identify and prevent certain potentially high-risk, one- or two-night reservations for overall accommodations. The decision is based on factors such as the guest’s review history, distance to the listing, and last-minute reservations, among other considerations.

Guests who wish to book through Airbnb for holiday weekends will need to confirm that they understand that Airbnb prohibits parties and that failure to comply with the rule may result in suspension or expulsion from the platform.

The party prevention system was first tested last year over Memorial Day weekend and was rolled out over the July 4, 2022 weekend.

In addition to the aforementioned measures, Airbnb provides a 24/7 security line for hosts and guests to report an unauthorized party during an active stay, collaborates to offer a free noise sensor to hosts in the United States, and supports police investigations.

The platform invites neighbors to report any problems through the neighbor service channel 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Party reports are handled by a team of security specialists who can take swift action in the rare event of such an incident.

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