Alfredo Carlo: Irreverent, in your face and funky

By Iris Edén Santiago

Special to The STAR

Classical paintings, contemporary movements and invaluable masterpieces have always been joined by modern and refreshing techniques and skills that only elevate an industry that never ceases to amaze experts and collectors alike. Add playfulness, familiar elements, texture and flow, and a whole new generation of artists is born.

Puerto Rican Alfredo Carlo is one emerging artist who has caught both the fashion and art worlds by storm. His approach to art is genuine, different, irreverent and mischievous. Born in the southern town of Peñuelas, this millennial began testing colors and silhouettes on the walls of his home at age 4. His parents, much to his surprise, encouraged him. And so his skills and creative juices were perfected in no time.

Having worked fashion sketches, fashion shows and eye-catching store windows with local top designers Eclíptica, David Antonio and Gustavo Arango, Carlo has applied his vision to fabrics, conversation earrings and multi-tiered editorial necklaces owned by models, fashionistas, savvy ladies, and celebrities like former Miss Universe Zuleyka Rivera and singer Natalia Lugo.

But his true calling is painting, where his imagination goes wild with intriguing mosaics of popular pop items from childhood favorites like McDonalds fries, Gucci bags, coffee pots and bananas to faceted faces, staring eyes, thoughtful collages and social messages that condemn injustices he witnesses everywhere. This passionate 30-year-old confesses to doing his best work “under stress, depressed, sad and lonely.” Because, when everybody thinks I’m the life of the party … I am really not. Deep inside I am just observing and absorbing.

This provocateur admires Antonio Martorell and Jean-Michel Basquiat. From Basquiat, he says: “I am fascinated by his eccentric views, his realism … colorful yet at the same time very dark. Almost like his ancestors had this rage, this powerful energy that sprouts from his soul. That’s what I love about Art. It’s not just beautiful images but it’s meant to provoke you, move you and make you think.”

Carlo’s paintings already deck the walls of important commercial spaces and modern homes of art collectors in the know.

His work can be bought at Sttilo Boutique, La Dolce Vita in the Mall of San Juan and by contacting him: Caralfredo on Instagram.

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