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Almost 3,500 tickets issued for blocking crosswalks

Traffic Safety Commission Executive Director Luis Rodríguez Díaz

By The Star Staff

Traffic Safety Commission (CST by its Spanish initials) Executive Director Luis Rodríguez Díaz announced Sunday that as part of the CST’s pedestrian protection campaign, 3,427 tickets were issued to drivers who stopped on top of crosswalks.

“Our campaign ‘Put Yourself in Their Shoes’ aims to educate drivers about the importance of respecting the space designated by law for pedestrians to cross from one place to another safely,” Rodríguez Díaz said in a written statement. “For this, in the Commission we have been creating public responsibility initiatives that include the educational part and the police mobilization that effectively complements the efforts we make to safeguard the lives of all users of public roads.”

To accomplish the mobilization, the agency allocated $113,712 in federal funds for the payment of overtime to state and municipal police officers.

The allocation of funds allowed law enforcement officers to work with preventive and intensive patrolling throughout the island from March 7 to March 13.

The CST specializes in creating educational campaigns that seek to raise awareness to prevent road tragedies. Likewise, the commonwealth agency regularly carries out efforts to educate citizens through federal funds and in unison with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The Puerto Rico Police Bureau participated in the mobilization along with the municipal police of San Juan, Bayamón, Guaynabo, Hatillo, Ponce, Isabela and Aguadilla.

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J Favazzo
J Favazzo
Mar 28, 2022

Great start! Let's also focus on the red light runners, passing on the right (off the roadway), making left turns from the right lane, motorcycles groups doing wheelies and blocking the entire highway so they can play, drivers at night with multiple bright LED light bars blinding drivers, people openly drinking alcohol while driving...everyone knows what I am talking about! And why in the World would the police be driving around with their overhead lights on at night? It's a great way to let everyone know where you are, so you wont see any crimes and criminals can wait for you to drive by and then do whatever they red lights, paint graffiti, break into a car …

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