Almost four years after hurricanes, blue roof inspections come to Maricao

By The Star Staff

The municipality of Maricao will be the first to start, along with the Office for Socioeconomic and Community Development (ODSEC by its Spanish acronym), visits to communities to identify houses with blue tarp roofs, with the purpose of initiating repairs immediately -- almost four years after hurricanes Irma and Maria.

“We have been calling on citizens to send us information about their homes even with blue awnings, but only a few cases have reached us,” ODSEC Director Thais Reyes Serrano said Tuesday in a written statement. “Our intention is to impact the greatest number of families, so next week we will be visiting the Maricao communities to identify the houses and begin their repair.”

Reyes Serrano clarified that for now, the homes that the ODSEC will identify for repair are those that only have to replace the blue awning. The rebuilding of houses with major damage, if eligible, falls to the Department of Housing.

She noted that since repairing the roof is a relatively simple task, the delivery of restored homes occurs fairly quickly.

“These families deserve to live in safe and stable places and that is what we aspire to,” she said. “Since we started the project, a few months ago, 41 houses have already been delivered and we hope to deliver others in the next few days and so on.”

Maricaeño families interested in the aid must complete a form provided by the ODSEC and submit a copy of a photo ID, social security, water or electricity bill and deed of residence or notarized residence certification, among other basic documents, at the town hall.

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