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AMPR: Teaching Career Law to go into effect in August

Puerto Rico Teachers Association President Víctor Bonilla Sánchez

By The Star Staff

Starting in August, the Department of Education will begin to comply with the Teaching Career Law, Puerto Rico Teachers Association (AMPR by its Spanish initials) President Víctor Bonilla Sánchez announced on Monday.

“There is a commitment [from Education Secretary Eliezer Ramos Parés] of $12.5 million he told us that he identified to reactivate the Teaching Career,” Bonilla Sánchez said in response to questions from the press. “And that is a benefit for the teacher and his/her economic situation.”

Asked if the $12.5 million is enough to cover all teachers who qualify, Bonilla Sánchez said “we believe that” more is needed.

“He [Ramos Parés] says that he got $12.5 million, but he already promised it and said that he had it in the budget,” the AMPR president said. “But almost $17 million is needed to be able to cover all the teachers who are obtaining the degree and those who are going to enter it.”

The teaching career agreement, which will codify into law payments to teachers in accordance with their level of education, was one of the issues that the AMPR sought to include in the collective agreement. At the moment, the negotiation includes a salary increase of $1,000 per month.

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