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An agreement that facilitates cyber security

Acting Director of the Office of Innovation and Technology Services (PRITS), Nannette Martínez, and the Ombudsman Edwin García Feliciano.

By The Star Staff

As part of Cybersecurity Awareness Month, the Acting Director of the Office of Innovation and Technology Services (PRITS), Nannette Martínez, and the Ombudsman, Edwin García Feliciano, signed an agreement that facilitates the exchange of data in the event of a cyber incident.

The agreement will allow that if an Executive Branch agency reports a potential data breach event, the Ombudsman’s Office will receive that information to provide advice on the notification that agencies should follow the possible data breach.

“In keeping with Governor Pedro Pierluisi’s public policy, we at PRITS have developed several initiatives to prevent cyber incidents. This new effort will allow the Ombudsman’s Office to immediately receive an alert about a possible event that violates cybersecurity and involves the leakage of citizen information,” explained the PRITS director.

It was reported that according to the Guide for Reporting Cybersecurity Incidents, developed by PRITS, the agencies, corporations, and instrumentalities of the Executive Branch have a standardized method for reporting a cybersecurity event.

The Cybersecurity Incident Reporting Guide is a tool developed by PRITS that allows the Chief Information Technology Officers (CIOs) of the agencies of the Government of Puerto Rico to report and document all cybersecurity events that have resulted in an incident that represents a violation of security laws, procedures, and policies, or that is a threat or has put the Government’s information or information systems at risk.

This report will be essential to gather relevant information for further analysis based on historical data, activities being conducted, parties involved, and future action plans.

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