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An invitation to go with the flow

Designer Rudeth León at work. Her new collection “is inspired by the struggle between what you want to do and what you have to do,” she said. “Between your responsibilities and your dreams.”

By Javier Muñiz

Special to The Star

“Fluye en libertad” (Flow Freely) was one collection that impressed the guests from Runway 7 at Expomoda and, consequently, why Rudeth León received an invitation to debut at the New York Fashion Week.

Her presence in the fashion world is not only as a designer, but also as a remarkable educator, and León’s collection is based on looks that capture transitions that also manifest in her personal life.

She took part in several rehabilitation programs at the Escuela Industrial para Mujeres in Vega Alta. The work of one of her groups took a turning point as they made history with the piece known as “Chiringas,” which was commissioned to adorn Old San Juan and attract tourists.

“Embracing life challenges is the key indicator that has made the difference to her art, and ultimately, in her life,” the collection description says of León.

“‘Fluye en libertad’ is an invitation to flow with what comes after the changes you make,” the designer said. “It is inspired by the struggle between what you want to do and what you have to do. Between your responsibilities and your dreams.”

“Some pieces combine the strict and the fluid, while others have tight or rigid cuts that represent our responsibilities in society,” León pointed out. “You’ll see reflections of freedom in loose cuts and tunics. And dramatic draped dresses that recreate my state of mind, as I’m coming out from a chrysalis liberated and ready to fulfill new aspirations.”

León is part of the first boricua delegation at New York Fashion Week, thanks to Expomoda and Runway 7. Other Puerto Ricans presenting at the show scheduled for Thursday at Sony Hall in the Paramount Hotel Times Square will be Gax Company, Marissa Santiago, MyThik, Rosa Mercedes, Mateo Manuel, Soleatta, The Only One, Norma Nazario, Monarch Club, Carlota Alfaro, Reynaldo José, A Pereira, Lorraine Ortiz and Costura Carlos Alberto.

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