Animal sanctuary to mark 13 years with donations drive

By John McPhaul

To provide a better quality of life to the animals under its care, the San Francisco de Asís Animal Sanctuary Inc. will celebrate its 13th anniversary on Saturday, Aug. 14 with a drive-thru, or “servi-carro,” to collect donations for the almost 200 dogs and cats that it houses and that are looking for a home.

Donations will be received at the Santurio facilities in Cabo Rojo from 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. The contributions received will be used to pay for their operations and provide their tenants with veterinary care and other necessary care to have quality of life while they wait for their adoption.

“We need donations to pay for and carry out our labor of love,” said Dellymar Bernal Martínez, the shelter’s director. “And what better way to celebrate our birthday than by receiving the love of the community and of our fans in the form of donations for our tenants.”

Some of the most needed items are wet (canned) food for adult cats and dogs, wet (canned) food for puppies and kittens, kitty litter, squeeze mop buckets, white vinegar, dish soap, “chicken, meat or turkey baby food,” hot dogs, canned tuna, canned chicken, 33- and 39-gallon garbage bags, pet dishes, dog collars, leashes and harnesses, ammonia, plastic pools (such as for children), toys for dogs and cats, cookies or treats for dogs and cats, laundry detergent, citronella, and old newspapers.

Likewise, the organization has a “wishlist” on the Amazon internet sales platform. Those purchases can be sent directly to the entity’s postal address: PO Box 538, Boquerón PR 00622-0538.

The sanctuary also needs monetary donations to pay for the veterinary treatments for the animals, as well as for operational expenses. This type of donation can be made by ATH Móvil at 787-612-8587, Paypal at or by checks sent by mail to the San Francisco de Asís Animal Sanctuary.

During its 13 years of service, the organization has rescued and rehabilitated more than 2,000 animals, achieved the free sterilization or neutering of 5,000 animals in the five clinics it led during the Spayathon for Puerto Rico, and has collaborated with more than 20 animal welfare organizations inside and outside of Puerto Rico.

“During this time, we have also achieved the adoption of more than 2,000 dogs and cats in Puerto Rico and the United States, and we have established important collaborations with local and international organizations for the welfare of animals on the island,” Bernal Martínez said.

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