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Another medal for Puerto Rico in table tennis as Pan Am Games conclude

Sunday’s silver in the team competition was the Puerto Rican women’s table tennis squad’s third medal in Santiago, with Adriana Díaz, middle, also winning the individual gold, and sisters Melanie, left, and Adriana Díaz earning a bronze in doubles. Brianna Burgos is at right.

By The Star Staff

The Puerto Rico women’s table tennis team, led by sisters Adriana and Melanie Díaz and Brianna Burgos, won the sixth silver medal and the 19th overall for the island delegation on Sunday, the last day of the Pan American Games in Santiago, Chile.

“This was a very complicated match. But, I have to tell you honestly, as I always say, we exceeded expectations,” national table tennis team coach Bladimir Díaz told the media. “I never had any expectation of a team silver. We barely captured a bronze as a team, and we have a silver.”

“Added to that, Adriana, despite being the player with the most sets in this event … had to play a very close final,” he said. “She had to play a very difficult match with Lily [Zhang of the United States] and she also caught a cold in recent days. The exhaustion was noticeable. The batteries were low, and with all that, her heart is immense. And Brianna and Melanie. … I am very happy with my team.”

Adriana Díaz acknowledged after the match that “at the end I was very tired; it has been a very hard few days for me, but I am happy that it is over.”

“I feel relieved,” she said.

Table tennis became the flagship sport of the Puerto Rico delegation in Santiago. The women’s squad led the way with Adriana Díaz winning the individual gold, the team taking silver and the Díaz sisters earning a bronze in doubles.

On Saturday, Puerto Rican women’s softball team won the silver medal, while karate fighter Janessa Fonseca and archer Jean Pizarro won gold in their respective disciplines.

Bowler Cristian Azcona won bronze in the singles event on Sunday.

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