Anti-coal burning & ash dumpingactivists demand closure of AES

By The Star Staff

Activists against the burning of coal and the dumping of coal ash in Puerto Rico said Sunday that the communities affected by the AES energy company still do not enjoy peace, tranquility or a better quality of life despite the approval of Law 5 of 2020.

The legislation prohibits the deposit and disposal of coal ash on the island.

Community leader Jimmy Borrero Costas, from the anticoal ash protest camp in Peñuelas, reminded Gov. Wanda Vázquez Garced that there is still much to do about the human disaster that the AES has caused in Puerto Rico.

“At the meeting with the governor in La Fortaleza, on September 30 of last year, we urged the governor to visit the communities of Guayama to see the health crisis suffered by people close to the coal plant. We requested that the Health Department be forced to carry out studies,” Borrero Costas said. “We insist on the need to establish air quality monitors that measure heavy metals and radioactive particulates in Puente de Jobos and Miramar, and we emphasize the importance of monitoring the ground and surface waters where carbon residues have been deposited. None of this was addressed by the governor.”

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