Anti-hunger effort launched

By John McPhaul

The Food Bank of Puerto Rico, in an awareness-raising effort against hunger, on Tuesday launched the “Zero Hunger Puerto Rico” initiative, which will promote education and resources to work toward the goal of achieving food security, improving nutrition and promoting sustainable agriculture in Puerto Rico.

“After the hurricanes, earthquakes and the pandemic we are experiencing, the veil has been lifted from what we do not want to see: Hunger on our island,” said Denise Santos, president of the Food Bank of Puerto Rico, an entity allied with Feeding America. “The increase in demand for food that we have had in the Food Bank demonstrates this reality. We can solve the problems we now ignore. It is time to assume the inescapable responsibility to end hunger in Puerto Rico.”

To begin to achieve food security, improve nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture, the Zero Hunger Puerto Rico initiative will present five dialogues, virtual meetings and four documentaries that will be broadcast on various solution-oriented platforms during the week of Sept. 21-25.

The movement will be part of a collaborative agreement with the Puerto Rico Institute of Statistics to begin developing the progressive goals of a number of sustainable development objectives of the United Nations’ Zero Hunger project.

The talks and documentaries of Zero Hunger Puerto Rico will be broadcast through the social networks of the Food Bank at times to be announced in advance.

During the period from 2011 to 2015 it was found that in 40 island municipalities, 50 percent or more homes were subsisting below the poverty line, a figure that has increased since 2017.

According to the profile of child poverty in Puerto Rico conducted by the Institute of Youth Development, six out of 10 children on the island live in poverty.

The World Bank has established a policy imperative of reducing poverty to achieve the goals of food security, better nutrition and promotion of sustainable agriculture.

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