Arecibo employees outraged over outgoing mayor's vacation settlement

By John McPhaul

Arecibo municipal employees complained bitterly on Wednesday upon learning that outgoing Mayor Carlos Molina will supposedly receive a check for $69,000 as a vacation settlement when they have been owed the Christmas bonus and excess sick leave since 2016.

“It is outrageous to see how the outgoing mayor, who raised his salary when he entered the mayor’s office, leaves with his hands full when he still owes his employees the excess vacation from 2016 and the Christmas bonus,” said Jesús Anguita, coordinator of PROSOL-UTIER, a union that represents the municipality’s employees, in a written statement. “It is disrespectful that the Municipal Legislature has authorized this disbursement of money to Molina and has not disbursed the same that is owed to the workers.”

Anguita also demanded that commonwealth and federal authorities intervene in the municipality of Arecibo to prevent wasteful spending and further growth of the municipal government deficit.

“We urge the elected mayor, Carlos ‘Tito’ Ramírez, to submit everything found in the transition hearings to the corresponding authorities so that whoever did things wrong and has committed an illegality, has to pay,” the union leader said.

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