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Arecibo offers housekeeping positions to aid elderly residents

By The Star Staff

Arecibo Mayor Carlos “Tito” Ramírez Irizarry announced Monday that the municipality has openings available for people interested in working as housekeepers under current regulatory provisions.

“Our Community Action Department is ready to serve all those interested in being part of this job opportunity,” the mayor said.

Interested persons (must be residents of the city of Arecibo) may call during office hours at 787-882-2770, extensions 1200, 1201 and 1202.

“The aging process is a natural one and occurs differently in each person,” Ramírez Irizarry said. “Some do it in health while others begin to demonstrate some type of physical or cognitive disability that prevents them from functioning in their routines. Hence the need for housekeepers, and we in the Municipality can contribute.”

The idea of housekeepers, which is a part-time job, is that they provide seniors with company, along with assistance in normal household chores, fall prevention and food handling.

A housekeeper works in all those areas, ensuring an improved quality of life for the elderly.

“According to the Puerto Rico Health portal, there has been a consistent increase in people 60 and older, and that will continue,” the Arecibo mayor said. “For example, the federal Census reported for 2019 the figure of 888,786 individuals in what is known as the ‘senior’ population. It is expected that this population will continue to grow, considering that on the other hand the population from 0 to 14 years is decreasing. We in the Municipality of Arecibo constantly work with statistics and trends to offer quality services to this population.”

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