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ASEM union still evaluating fiscal board’s pay hike proposal

By The Star Staff

The General Workers’ Union (UGT by its Spanish initials) announced Monday that despite not having all the required documentation, they are still evaluating the proposals issued by the Financial Oversight and Management Board in order to rule out a declared strike at the Río Piedras Medical Center by employees of the Puerto Rico Medical Services Administration (ASEM by its Spanish acronym).

“The General Workers’ Union wishes to inform our enrollment and the country that we are evaluating the proposal that the Fiscal Control Board [sic] presented to us last Thursday afternoon,” the UGT said in a written statement. “We have not yet been able to complete the analysis of the proposal submitted, because so far we have not received all the documentation required to be able to finalize it responsibly. The ASEM delegation is still meeting and if we do not receive the documentation we need to conclude our analysis, we will also be letting the enrollment and the country know. As soon as we complete the analysis we will be open to questions from the press about the proposal and our position on it.”

In early February, UGT-affiliated employees at the Puerto Rico Medical Services Administration (ASEM) approved the collective bargaining agreement and a stipulation on salary increases formulated in meetings held at the Department of Labor & Human Resources.

The result of the vote, held in different assemblies over the course of a week, and in which a total of 695 union members participated, was 679 votes in favor of the agreement reached and 16 votes against.

The agreement, which has to be approved by the oversight board, proposes a salary increase of up to $800, among other benefits.

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