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Authorities will summon Farruko over unauthorized concert

Authorities will summon reggaeton artist Farruko and event sponsors, among others, as part of the investigation into last Sunday’s unauthorized concert at a residential complex in Bayamón.

By The Star Staff

The commissioner of the Puerto Rico Police Bureau, Antonio López Figueroa, said Wednesday that the authorities will summon reggaeton artist Farruko and sponsors, among others, related to the ongoing investigation into last Sunday’s unauthorized concert at the Virgilio Dávila residential complex in Bayamón.

“Some people were summoned by the Department of Justice this morning, [and] we are going to summon everyone related to that event,” López Figueroa said in response to questions from the press. “Why? Because all those who participated have a social responsibility and knowing that there were no permits, they proceeded to hold the activity as they wished. I believe that it is a lack of respect not only for the law, but also for the people of Puerto Rico.”

“All those who were involved, both sponsors and artists, will be summoned and there will be consequences,” he added.

The police commissioner noted that among the violations are those related to the standing pandemic executive order and others that prosecutors have identified. He said the Treasury Department has offered the services of three investigators.

“Everyone will be cited, everyone who was involved, sponsors, Farruko or any artist who was there,” López Figueroa said. “[The event’s] promoters and artists are going to be cited as well.”

The event, which was not authorized by the Public Housing Administration (AVP), also included the participation of Puerto Rican singer Rauw Alejandro and his girlfriend, Spanish singer-songwriter Rosalía.

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