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AutoExpresso system restarted over the weekend following hack

Highways and Transportation Authority Executive Director Edwin González Montalvo said that over the weekend access would “gradually be given to all registered users to check their balances on the AutoExpreso app and website.”

By The Star Staff

After completing the process to update the system with new security measures to minimize the risk of new cyberattacks, the operating company of AutoExpreso, Professional Account Management, started the system gradually during the weekend, Highways and Transportation Authority (ACT by its Spanish initials) Executive Director Edwin González Montalvo announced.

The ACT chief said in a written statement late last week that “during Saturday and Sunday, access will gradually be given to all registered users to check their balances on the AutoExpreso app and website.”

“For the rest of the unregistered drivers, balance information may be given in the recharging lanes, AutoExpreso customer service centers and in the CESCOs,” he added.

The information will allow clients to review the increased amount, if any, against the description of the transactions that have accumulated in their account during the period that the system was out of operation. Likewise, they will be able to verify dates, hours and tolls through which they passed, and be sure that their account has been updated with the transactions accumulated during that period.

It was also indicated that there will be no instant automatic recharge and that this option will be available 48 hours after the restart of operations starting today, in order to provide a time when users can check the current balance in their accounts. Drivers will have the option to schedule when auto-recharge is activated, choosing a minimum balance and the amount for which they wish to recharge their account upon reaching it.

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