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Ballot set for Jan. 15 special election to seat a new mayor of Guaynabo

The special election for mayor of Guaynabo will be held on Saturday, Jan. 15, starting at 9 a.m.

By The Star Staff

The State Elections Commission on Monday carried out the drawing of positions for the special mayoral election for the municipality of Guaynabo.

“The candidates here were certified,” New Progressive Party Secretary General Carmelo Ríos Santiago said at a press conference. “The campaign will be a respectful one; although it is a short one, it will be substantive.”

The first position went to Dana Miró Medina, daughter of television entertainer Eddie Miró. In the second position was Carlos “Ricky” Aponte Martínez, and in the third position, Marigdalia Ramírez Fort. The fourth position fell to Julio “Pipe” Abreu Sáez, and the fifth and final position went to Edward O’Neill Rosa, son of former mayor Héctor O’Neill.

It was announced that on Jan. 14, officials will hold the election for the prison population. The special election will be held on Saturday, Jan. 15, starting at 9 a.m.

Likewise, it was announced that officials from various electoral sectors will participate in the special election.

The special election became necessary after federal authorities arrested and charged the former mayor of Guaynabo, Ángel Pérez Otero, with accepting payoffs amid a public corruption crackdown that has resulted in the arrest of multiple public officials and contractors in recent weeks. Pérez Otero — who was first elected Guaynabo’s mayor in 2017, and whose predecessor recently admitted guilt in a sexual harassment and gender violence case — is facing three federal charges of conspiracy, federal program bribery and extortion.

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