Barceloneta mayor passes out economic incentive checks

By John McPhaul

With an investment of approximately $21,000, Barceloneta Mayor Wanda Soler Rosario gave economic incentive checks to the first group of small businesses in the municipality that saw the operation of their services interrupted by the coronavirus pandemic emergency.

The group of more than 50 merchants each generate a sales volume of less than $25,000 annually while contributing to the economic development of the northern coastal town.

“By delivering these checks we have contributed to relieving the economic situation faced by these merchants, many of whom had to close operations during the pandemic,” Soler Rosario said. “The incentive is part of the commitment of our administration, which recognizes that the merchants were affected by the passage of Hurricane Maria, the earthquakes and the quarantine.”

“Our small merchants are vital for the economic development of our people and the country, and it is our responsibility to help them in these difficult times we are experiencing,” the mayor added.

In order to receive the economic benefit, the merchants complied with a series of conditions, including being registered with the Barceloneta Finance Department and being up to date with their documents and business tax payments.

The money comes from an item of the municipality’s general fund that is used for these purposes. The mayor hopes to deliver a second round of incentives from which businesses with a sales volume of less than $100,000 a year will benefit.

Soler Rosario reiterated her commitment to help the businesses in her town, which she recognized for the contribution they make to the economic development of Barceloneta through the services and jobs they generate.

“I urge merchants who meet the requirements to contact the Mayor’s Office so they can benefit from this economic incentive,” she said. “In addition, I invite you to learn about the services that our administration has available, which include the painting of businesses in the urban area, garbage collection, and personnel training through the Consortium, all free of charge for merchants. Those who are interested in establishing or developing a new business concept can visit our business incubator, unique in the area, known as REDI, which makes facilities and guidance in business areas available to entrepreneurs.”

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