Beloved actor, comedian Albert Rodríguez dies at 58

By The Star Staff

The artistic community of Puerto Rico is mourning the loss of one of its most beloved comedians.

Authorities confirmed the death of 58-year-old actor Albert Rodríguez on Monday.

The police reported that a call made by the security staff of the Bayamón neighborhood Rodríguez lived in was registered around 12:16 p.m.

According to preliminary information, after municipal paramedics arrived at the residence to attend to the emergency, they confirmed that Rodríguez no longer had vital signs.

After graduating from the Drama Department of the University of Puerto Rico, Rodríguez began his professional life in Puerto Rican theater, according to the National Foundation for Popular Culture.

Possessed of an undeniable versatility as an actor, his work on stage took him from drama to comedy, through children’s theater. In this way, Rodríguez appeared in the cast of works such as “Módulo 104,” “Ultima noche de monarquía,” “El aniversario de Pepe y Luis,” “La carreta,” “Mi amiga la gorda,” “Hoy se casa mi amante,” “Primer Congreso N.P.I.,” “Divorcio a lo puertorriqueño,” “Don Quijote y su mundo,” “Amadeus,” “Besos en la frente,” “Julito cuenta cuentos,” “Flash,” “El cochecito,” “El hombre nuevo” and “Godspell.” He also appeared in productions such as “Aladino y la lámpara maravillosa,” “El abanico de Lady Windermere,” “El gran circo eukraniano,” “Aladino II: Malefor contraataca” and “Filumena Marturano.”

In 1995, the Círculo de Críticos de Teatro distinguished Rodríguez as Best Contrafigura Actor for his work in the productions “La boila “ and “Feliz cumpleaños, señor senador.” Two years later, the same organization awarded him a new award for Best Supporting Actor.

On the small screen, Rodríguez worked in countless of comedic productions such as “No hay casa pa’ tanta gente” (which he also produced), “Qué vacilón,” “La tripleta del vacilón,” “El Chorrito Resort & Spa,” “He vuelto a vivilll,” “Atácate,” “El kiosko,” “El condominio” and “Club Sunshine.” At the time of his passing, Rodríguez was part of “El Remix” on Wapa TV.

His film roles included the movies “Una noche en Hollywood,” “Oso Blanco” and “Complot.”

Rodríguez also ventured into the field of theatrical production, with “Cenicienta, el musical” and stage direction. In 2003, he directed the pieces “Así son las mujeres,” “Audición final” and “Coquí no habla inglés.”

The latter appeared on the stage at the University High School Orlando Auditorium, as well as the Tampa Theater in that city.

According to the National Foundation for Popular Culture, after Rodríguez acted successfully in the comedy “They Up, They Down,” one of his most important successes came with his interpretation of the character of Amos Hart in the staging of “Chicago the Musical.” The unanimous applause from the specialized critics for the play was added to those awarded to Rodríguez for his performance. The play, produced by the Arteskene company, was performed entirely in Spanish and replayed in April 2004 at the Tapia Theater in Old San Juan.

Rodríguez will be missed by his family, including those who worked with him for decades.

Comedian, producer and long-time friend Emmanuel “Sunshine” Logroño reacted through his social media accounts.

“Another brother left me, damn it,” one colleague wrote. “How many antics we did and how many people you made laugh. We are going to miss you very much. Rest in peace, Albert Rodríguez. Fly high.”

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