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Biden takes tumble during bike ride in Delaware

President Joe Biden is helped by U.S. Secret Service agents after he fell trying to get off his bike to greet a crowd on a trail at Gordons Pond in Rehoboth Beach, Del., Saturday, June 18, 2022.

By Zach Montague

President Joe Biden fell off his bike Saturday while trying to dismount in front of a small crowd of reporters and onlookers.

The president said his foot had gotten caught in a toe clip, which caused him to tip over after coming to a stop. He quickly collected himself and stood up, saying “I’m good” before answering a handful of questions from reporters.

Biden, 79, often takes bike rides during visits to his vacation home in Rehoboth Beach, where he and the first lady, Jill Biden, were spending the weekend. On Friday, they celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary.

The president had been riding his bike in Cape Henlopen State Park when he had the mishap. He did not appear to suffer any injuries, and the White House said he did not require medical attention.

After answering questions about tariffs on Chinese goods and gun control legislation, he got back on his bike and finished the ride.

Biden is only the latest American president to take a tumble on the public stage. In 1975, President Gerald Ford fell while descending the stairs from Air Force One during a visit to Austria. Nearly a decade later, President Ronald Reagan slipped while climbing aboard his plane. And Biden himself tripped last year while boarding the presidential aircraft.

Biden’s misfortune on wheels was not without precedent, either. In 2004, President George W. Bush took a spill while mountain biking at his ranch in Crawford, Texas. The next year, Bush crashed into a police officer during a bike ride in Scotland. And in 2015, John Kerry, then the secretary of state, broke his leg while biking in the French Alps.

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