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Biden warns that ‘big lie’ Republicans imperil American democracy

President Joe Biden speaks during a Democratic National Committee event at the Columbus Club in Washington on Wednesday, Nov. 2, 2022.

President Joe Biden issued an impassioned condemnation of his predecessor and other Republicans on Wednesday night for encouraging political violence, voter intimidation and “the Big Lie,” framing next week’s elections as a pivotal test of American democracy.

While candidates and voters have focused on economic and other issues, Biden sought to use a nationally televised evening speech to put the future of the nation’s system of elections front and center for the final days of debate before midterm elections Tuesday that will determine control of Congress and numerous state offices.

“As I stand here today, there are candidates running for every level of office in America — for governor, Congress, attorney general, secretary of state — who won’t commit, they will not commit to accepting the results of the elections that they’re running in,” Biden said at Union Station, just blocks from where a mob stormed the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, to disrupt the transfer of power. “This is the path to chaos in America. It’s unprecedented. It’s unlawful. And it’s un-American.”

The president seemed particularly unnerved by the violent attack Friday on Paul Pelosi by a hammer-wielding assailant who the police say was seeking to kidnap his wife, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, using words reminiscent of those called out by rioters on Jan. 6. Biden traced the attack to former President Donald Trump’s “Big Lie” that the 2020 election was stolen.

“It’s a lie that fueled a dangerous rise in political violence and voter intimidation over the past two years,” Biden said. Citing examples of election workers being harassed and menaced, the president singled out Trump’s own efforts days before the Jan. 6 attack to pressure Georgia’s Republican secretary of state to “find” him enough votes to reverse the outcome of the election in that state.

“This intimidation, this violence against Democrats, Republicans and nonpartisan officials just doing their jobs are the consequence of lies told for power and profit, lies of conspiracy and malice, lies repeated over and over to generate a cycle of anger, hate, vitriol and even violence,” Biden said. “In this moment, we have to confront those lies with the truth. The very future of our nation depends on it.”

Refusing to identify Trump by name, Biden nonetheless argued that his predecessor had undercut the rule of law. “American democracy is under attack because the defeated former president of the United States refuses to accept the results of the 2020 election,” Biden said. “He refuses to accept the will of the people. He refuses to accept the fact that he lost. He has abused his power and put the loyalty to himself before loyalty to the Constitution and he’s made a Big Lie an article of faith for the MAGA Republicans, a minority of that party.”

He noted that Trump’s false claims have been rejected across the board by courts and other authorities. “The Big Lie has been proven to be just that, a big lie, every single time,” Biden said. “Yet now, extreme MAGA Republicans aim to question not only the legitimacy of past elections, but elections being held now and into the future.”

Political violence has become an increasing concern in recent years. Threats against members of Congress have risen more than tenfold since Trump was elected in 2016, according to the U.S. Capitol Police, which registered more than 9,625 such threats last year alone.

This will be “the first election since the events of Jan. 6, when the armed, angry mob stormed the U.S. Capitol,” he said. “I wish, I wish I could say the assault on our democracy ended that day. But I cannot.”

“This is no ordinary year,” he added. “So I ask you to think long and hard about the moment we are in. In a typical year, we’re often not faced with the question of whether the vote we cast will preserve democracy or put us at risk. But this year we are.”

More than 370 Republican candidates have questioned and, at times, outright denied the results of the 2020 election despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, according to a monthslong New York Times investigation. Trump has made fealty to his false claims a litmus test for his support for Republican candidates.

While Biden excoriated Republicans who deny the legitimacy of elections, he once suggested that he too might not accept the results of this year’s vote if policies he deemed restrictive of the right to vote were enacted by Republican states. “It all depends on whether or not we’re able to make the case to the American people that some of this is being set up to try to alter the outcome of the election,” he said at a news conference in January.

He has stayed away from such a formulation since then, recognizing that it provided ammunition to Republicans looking to justify their continued adherence to Trump’s lies about 2020. Reminded of his comments before Wednesday night’s speech, Karine Jean-Pierre, the White House press secretary, was asked if the president expected next week’s elections to be legitimate. “That is a yes,” she said.

The issue of election denialism has challenged the system in unpredictable ways. In some cases earlier this year, Democrats even promoted some far-right election deniers in Republican primaries in a calculated effort to elevate what they presumed would be weaker opponents for the fall general election. Some Democrats complained that the strategy sent mixed messages and risked making it possible for election deniers to gain office.

While largely agreeing with the argument in Biden’s Wednesday night speech, not every Democrat thought it was helpful to make the address when candidates are trying to distance themselves from the president, whose approval ratings are in the mid-40s, and voters in polls are focused on issues like inflation as well as immigration, crime and abortion.

“Issues of democracy are hugely important at this moment and in next week’s election. Totally appropriate for @POTUS to address them,” David Axelrod, the former senior adviser to President Barack Obama, wrote on Twitter. “Still, as a matter of practical politics, I doubt many Ds in marginal races are eager for him to be on TV tonight.”

Republicans once again asserted that in criticizing them for election denial, Biden was himself being divisive instead of the uniter he promised to be. “Desperate and dishonest,” the Republican National Committee said in a statement without waiting for the speech to be delivered. “Joe Biden promised unity but has instead demonized and smeared Americans, while making life more expensive for all.”

Surveys show that voters across the ideological and political spectrum agree that American democracy is under threat but see it from radically different viewpoints: While liberals and many moderates view Trump as the danger, supporters of the former president see the true risk as Biden and policies that they say amount to socialism.

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05 nov 2022

United States is in the worse shape ever. WE had low tax, our gas & oil, food shelves stocked then this guy arrived with a disaster. Now in 23 days no Oil to heat NY, OH, etc. He closed our Keystone gas, fired 5,000 men. Going downhill every day. 5 million crossed Border from 151 countries including Terrorists, Crime in NYC 43 died since Monday. Yorkers only listen to lies from failed Pres. There may be problems in P.R. but Island is small, and police can handle it. I have family & grandkids there. Stay get good people in Fortaleza. I lived there 20 yrs. Just wait and see before you jump to conditions that are getting worse. Criminals coming…

Mi piace
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