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Bill filed in House to investigate LUMA service in mountain towns

Rep. Jesús Hernández Arroyo

By The Star Staff

House District 26 Rep. Jesús Hernández Arroyo filed a resolution this week that seeks to investigate the conditions of infrastructure, its maintenance and the quality of the service provided by LUMA Energy in the municipalities of Villalba, Orocovis, Coamo and Barranquitas.

“We continue to address the demands of my people in the District,” Hernández Arroyo said in a press release. “This time I am promoting this investigation to address the issue of constant interruptions and the lack of maintenance by LUMA Energy in the mountain towns. Our citizens deserve efficient service and especially when the cost of electricity is higher every day.”

The resolution seeks to have the Integrated Development of the Southern Region and Transportation & Infrastructure committees in the House of Representatives investigate existing electric power service needs in the mountain towns.

The legislator, who chairs the Committee on Economic Development, Planning, Telecommunications, Public-Private Partnerships and Energy in the House, added that “the constant increases in electricity service in the country are abusive.”

“Recently it was announced that Puerto Ricans would have another economic burden with the increase in rates in the service,” he said. “... Our citizens cannot stand another increase, and especially when the service offered is terrible and does not meet the demands of a country tired and annoyed by the situation.”

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