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Bill filed to create electronic ‘marbete’ for motor vehicles

By The Star Staff

Rep. Ángel Matos García, the spokesman for the Popular Democratic Party in the island House of Representatives, introduced a bill on Sunday to create an electronic inspection sticker, or “marbete” in Spanish, for motor vehicles due to a shortage of traditional adhesive marbetes.

“In keeping with the times, we can amend the law and evolve technology. In this way, we created an electronic tag that eliminates the problem we face today with the lack of physical stickers,” Matos García said in a written statement. “In addition, a lower cost as a result of not having to print the stickers makes it a forward-looking measure that ends up benefiting everyone.”

House Bill 1125 amends Articles 1.78, 23.01, 23.02 and 23.03 of Law 22-2000, as amended, known as the Puerto Rico Vehicle and Traffic Law, in order to establish an electronic tag for motor vehicles that travel on the public roads of Puerto Rico; provide for its use, validity and rights; create a special committee to present a pilot plan; and for other related purposes.

In its preamble, the measure establishes that the legislation, dynamic and functional in the essential areas of the daily life of Puerto Ricans, is to be adjusted and modified as needed from time to time. It is known that the marbete represents the authorization and validation of the payment of annual fees for the motor vehicle license. In particular, the legislation notes, the use of a license plate is validated when it is renewed and its annual fees are paid.

“However, we have seen how over the years the Department of Transportation and Public Works (DTOP), confronts problems with the availability of marbetes, particularly at the close of each calendar year,” the bill says. “Various circumstances have forced the DTOP to extend the use of expired tags through extensions since there are no stamps available for people who renew them.”

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