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Bill would allow consumer protection office to represent LUMA customers

Sen. Elizabeth Rosa Vélez

By The Star Staff

Senate Infrastructure Committee Chairwoman Elizabeth Rosa Vélez announced Wednesday that she has filed a measure for the Independent Office of Consumer Protection (OIPC by its Spanish acronym) to represent the island’s electric power customers when they have losses associated with the lack of service.

“With this measure we intend that the OIPC, which is currently in charge of educating, informing, guiding and assisting clients on their rights and responsibilities, can also represent a client before the General Court of Justice or before the courts of the jurisdiction in cases related to possible damage to goods or food,” Rosa Vélez said in a written statement. “These damages may be related to the interruption of the electrical system or voltage fluctuations, among other reasons.”

The Arecibo District senator added that “it is essential to amend Article 6.42 of the Law so that it is the OIPC itself that files claims, complaints or legal resources before LUMA Energy and can participate or appear as a petitioning or intervening party in any legal action and in representation of clients.”

“People are tired of paying for a service that is deficient and of the lack of resources for achieving justice,” Rosa Vélez said.

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