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Bill would reward safe driving with discount on vehicle registration renewal

By The Star Staff

Rep. Juan José Santiago Nieves, chairman of the House Municipal Affairs Committee, filed House Bill 1170 on Wednesday, which seeks to benefit drivers who, at the time of renewing their automobile registration, have not received any type of fine throughout the year.

Such drivers would benefit from a 30 percent discount on the payment for the inspection sticker, known locally as the “marbete.”

The legislator for the 28th district of Comerío, Naranjito, Barranquitas and Corozal added in a written statement that “in many countries in the world initiatives have been developed … to encourage responsible citizens and minimize any violation of the law, either in terms of tax responsibility, or as in this case, in compliance with traffic laws.”

Santiago Nieves acknowledged that his measure may generate resistance due to its possible impact on the island treasury, “but naturally the bill is not written in stone and without losing the legislative intention, we can look for alternatives that achieve the objective of encouraging good drivers.”

He clarified that “the intention is to achieve a discount without affecting the [tax] collections that are aimed at serving areas such as the ACCA [Automobile Accident Compensation Administration] and the Trauma Center, among others.”

HB 1170 would amend Articles 23.01 and 23.02 of Law 22-2000, the Vehicle and Traffic Law of Puerto Rico, as amended, in order to create the “Responsibility Incentive” and grant a discount in the total payment of the annual fee base charge for vehicle registration renewal for every driver who certifies a record of good and responsible practices when operating a motor vehicle.

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