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Blockchain traders, United Retailers team up on cryptocurrency events

By The Star Staff

The Puerto Rico Blockchain Trade Association (PRBTA) announced on Monday a collaborative agreement with the United Retailers Association (CUD by its Spanish acronym) to offer educational workshops and networking events for CUD members in relation to cryptocurrencies.

Puerto Rico is becoming a U.S. jurisdiction that is attracting crypto investors.

The agreement is part of PRBTA’s CryptoCurious educational program. The initiative continues to be a fundamental pillar of the PRBTA’s mission to advocate and educate free of charge on Web 3 issues, Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency concepts.

Recently, licensed tax attorney Giovanni Méndez, representing PRBTA, and economist Gustavo Vélez from Economía Puerto Rico, representing the CUD, participated in a panel to discuss the topic. The presentation provided an overview of cryptocurrencies, tax-related topics, and relevant facts related to the crypto economy.

“Since we started CryptoCurious last October, we have been able to impact more than 1,000 people through face-to-face and online events that highlight fundamental concepts about the beginnings of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, but this new edition expands to new concepts for keeping crypto communities in Puerto Rico at the forefront of Web 3,” the PRBTA executive director said. “Through this joint effort, we look forward to continuing our mission to educate and help CUD entrepreneurs and members stay ahead of the emerging wave of revolution in the economy.”

CUD President Jesús E. Vázquez was optimistic and confident about the agreement.

“The CUD has always been at the forefront of changes and looking for new ways of doing business to provide all the success tools available to our small and midsize businesses,” he said. “This agreement with PRBTA will provide us with the means to learn firsthand, and enter the world of cryptoeconomics in the not too distant future.”

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