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BMA Group hired to perform talent acquisition services for fiscal board

By The Star Staff

The Financial Oversight and Management Board for Puerto Rico has hired BMA Group to provide talent acquisition services for jobs announced by the federally appointed entity, according to the contract posted on the board’s website.

The contract runs from March 1 to June 30 of this year.

The firm will source potential candidates to ensure they meet education, job experience and interest requirements. It will also screen their motivational fit at a functional, cultural and geographical level.

In order to select the best talent, the contractor will carry out recruitment activities, identification and analysis of potential candidates to determine who has the competencies required by the oversight board, according to the services agreement.

The contractor will conduct a behavioral interview for potential candidates to determine proficiency in required competencies and present candidates to the board through their resume or video interview.

“Contractor will negotiate a formal offer with those candidates selected by the FOMB,” the contract noted.

BMA will charge a fixed fee of 20% of the selected candidate’s annual salary, but may also charge for additional tests, such as social media checks, background criminal checks, social security validation, education confirmation and employment verification. The contractor must submit its invoice by the 10th day of each month. Payment will be made in 30 days from receipt of invoice, according to the service contract.

Previously, the oversight board in February hired the law firm Holland & Knight to render services from time to time in connection with government affairs efforts in Washington, D.C.

Those services include working closely with the board and its advisers to promote federal legislative action and administrative policies to stimulate economic growth in Puerto Rico; supporting outreach efforts related to Republican and Democratic members of Congress, and Washington-based think tanks, associations and interest groups; monitoring relevant federal legislation, congressional hearings, agency hearings, and meetings of interest to the board; and working with the board and senior staff to prepare for any congressional or administrative hearing or rulemaking proceeding.

The Holland & Knight contract is for a fixed fee of $55,000 per month, subject to the maximum charge of $275,000.

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