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Body of woman who drowned in Arecibo river is found

By The Star Staff

Authorities on Saturday night found the body of Vianca Zoe Sánchez Maisonet, 22, who a week earlier was dragged under by surging water in the Tanamá River on highway PR-10 of the La Planta neighborhood in Arecibo.

Puerto Rico Police Bureau agents assigned to the Arecibo Precinct and personnel from the Emergency Management Bureau (OMME), under the supervision of Nelson Sierra, OMME Director Juan Morales Colón and Arecibo Municipal Police Commissioner Lesli Zeno Santiago, were in charge of the recovery of the body that was found in the Charco Hondo River.

Agent Rita Rosado Vélez, of the Arecibo Criminal Investigation Corps’ Homicide Division took charge of the investigation along with prosecutor Ismael Ortiz, who ordered the removal of the body and its transfer to the Institute of Forensic Sciences.

On Saturday afternoon, meanwhile, authorities rescued 11 people who were trapped in the flooding of the Toro Negro River, on highway PR-149 in the Hacienda Negrón sector of Ciales.

According to the police report, in response to a call through the 9-1-1 Emergency System, agent Félix Ortiz Figueroa, along with personnel from OMME of Ciales and the Fire Department, rescued eight adults and three minors who were on the other side of the river. All were in good health.

The people, according to the police, ignored the warnings of a security guard at the site about a possible flood due to the inclement weather.

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