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Boquerón ready for Thanksgiving weekend, Cataño celebrates

Businesses in the village of Boquerón in Cabo Rojo have planned a series of cultural and musical activities for the enjoyment of the whole family.

By John McPhaul

Business owners in the village of Boquerón in Cabo Rojo are prepared to receive thousands of visitors during the long Thanksgiving weekend and on into December, Boquerón Merchants Association President Henry Correa said Wednesday.

“The outlook is good in terms of what can be expected during these holidays,” Correa said in a written statement, noting that businesses in the area have planned a series of cultural and musical activities for the enjoyment of the whole family. “Despite the atmospheric phenomena that affected us in recent months, we are pleased by the enthusiasm of our fellow merchants to make the town of Boquerón shine.”

On Dec. 2, 3 and 4, several events will be held on the occasion of the lighting of the village of Boquerón, including the arrival of the illuminated boat in the bay on Saturday, Dec. 3.

Merchant Ángel Rodríguez said he and fellow business owners have taken the necessary measures so that commercial activity proceeds unimpeded.

“All the merchants have made their purchases of goods early,” Rodríguez said. “In addition, they have power plants ready in case a blackout occurs because Cabo Rojo is standing after [Hurricane] Fiona.”

The owner of Parador Boquemar stressed that they have received a considerable number of last-minute calls asking for room reservations. “Many people are tired of all the suffering caused by Hurricane Fiona,” he said. “Therefore, they are looking for an alternative, like the town of Boquerón, to clear their minds and have a good time with their family.”

On the north coast meanwhile, the Municipality of Cataño started the party on the seafront with its own Christmas lighting. Mayor Julio Alicea Vasallo was slated to light the seasonal decorations dedicated to Puerto Rican culture on Wednesday night to the sound of music and joy throughout the length and breadth of City Hall and the Edwin Rivera Sierra stage.

“This year, after overcoming several challenges, our people deserve a huge Christmas party, in which we reconnect with our roots and traditions that define us as the strong and cheerful people that we are,” the mayor said. “For this year, 78 Christmas prints were designed, each representing a municipality of Puerto Rico, most of them with graphic material sent by the municipalities themselves.”

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