Buoys installed to protect manatees

By The Star Staff

After the deaths in recent days of two manatees at Punta Santiago in Humacao, the Department of Natural and Environmental Resources has installed buoys in the area to protect the marine mammals.

“After reporting the unfortunate incidents with several manatees on our shores, we took immediate action for the Department of Natural and Environmental Resources to place buoys to protect this important marine species,” said Humacao Mayor Reinaldo “Rey” Vargas.

The buoys will serve to make people aware of which areas they should not use for water activities, be they involving boats or jet skis.

The installation of the buoys came as a result of events last weekend, when the appearance of about four manatees was reported off the beach in Punta Santiago, where two of them unfortunately died, apparently as a result of their injuries after being struck by watercraft.

“We reiterate our call to protect our endangered marine species, so we urge people who practice water sports to take the necessary measures so that our fauna that lives on the coasts, such as manatees, are not affected,” the mayor said. “It is important to raise awareness about the protection of marine life.”

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