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Businesses are advised to comply with minimum wage hike

Puerto Rico’s second automatic increase will raise the minimum wage from $8.50 per hour to $9.50 per hour.

By The Star Staff

As an increase in Puerto Rico’s minimum wage will go into effect July 1, Labor and Human Resources Secretary Gabriel Maldonado González urged the business sector on Tuesday to comply with the new regulations.

Puerto Rico’s second automatic increase in the minimum wage will raise it from $8.50 per hour to $9.50 per hour. With limited exceptions, the increase will apply to all non-exempt employees covered by the Fair Labor Standards Act. The Puerto Rico Minimum Wage Act, Act No. 47-2021, was enacted on Jan. 1, 2022.

“After more than a decade without increases in the federal minimum wage, the administration of Governor Pedro Pierluisi has taken a step forward in favor of thousands of workers with a staggered increase,” Maldonado González said.

The next phase of the increase in the minimum wage in Puerto Rico will begin on July 1, 2023.

“Private employers must make the necessary adjustments to guarantee that the law is complied with as of that date,” the labor secretary added. “At the Department of Labor and Human Resources, we are available to advise workers who believe that their employers are not complying with the new rate.”

The increase stipulated by Act 47-2021 applies to all workers covered under the Federal Fair Labor Standards Law, except for workers in agriculture, municipalities, the federal government, executive, legislative, and the courts, as well as certain administrators, executives, and professionals in the private sector.

Employers who do not comply with the increase will face penalties and other legal remedies available to affected employees.

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