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Businessman-Army vet throws his hat into the ring for mayor of Cidra

Lisando Morales Vázquez

By The Star Staff

Businessman Lisando “Saso” Morales Vázquez announced Monday that he will seek to become the new mayor of Cidra in November 2024, under the banner of the New Progressive Party (NPP).

Morales Vázquez, a U.S. Army veteran, plans to file his candidacy on Friday, Nov. 17 at NPP headquarters.

The 47-year-old said he decided to run for mayor based on the hundreds of complaints he hears on a daily basis.

“Really, our Municipality of Cidra is starring in one of the worst moments in its history,” he said. “Right now, sadly, it has very big needs: services for our seniors, they have shrunk or, at worst, disappeared.”

“And in terms of the so-called economic development, the municipal government does not maximize our internal tourism,” Morales Vázquez added. “In other words, it is focusing only on the area of gastronomy …”

The mayoral hopeful added public safety as another area of need, pointing out that, currently, “our municipality only has five law enforcement officers.”

Morales Vázquez, who has 21 years of experience in the field of telecommunications and as a Recreation and Sports fDepartment director in the Guayama Region, said he regrets very much that “the current mayor, of the Popular Democratic Party, Ángel David Concepción González, does not know how to do anything other than give free rein to his improvisation.”

“Cidra is not a laboratory experiment, nor is it a project of any science fair,” he said. “Our commitment is to be a town mayor, not merely a mayor. We want to work hand in hand with people, listen to their concerns and address them immediately. … Cidra is eager for a change of command now!”

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