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Cívicas hold general assembly

From left, Margarita Velasco (President of Club Cívico de Damas), Dra. Josefina Romaguera, Mireya de Brito, Yadira Rosario, Maris Maldonado, Lilly Rodríguez Capó

By Judy Gordon-Conde and Jennifer Conde-Powers

Club Cívico de Damas de Puerto Rico, one of the island’s most distinguished community service organizations, celebrated the New Year with their first General Assembly 2023 at the Caribe Hilton Hotel.

The comprehensive agenda included the ad-hoc Committee of Health with a health clinic for delighted club members who enjoyed the assembly’s principal speaker, Dra. Josefina Romaquera Agrait, MD, FACOG. Moreover, the Club Cívico de Damas de Puerto Rico’s elegant president, Margarita Velasco de Zych, was also pleased to give a very special recognition to a young virtuoso of guitar, Milton R. Dávila, who, at nine years old, debuted with the Puerto Rico Symphonic Orchestra. Discussions also took place surrounding the upcoming Hat Show in April, “Between the Pearls and Flowers,” with a delectable lunch culminating the celebrations.

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give rosary
give rosary
Apr 19

The complete program encompassed the establishment of an ad-hoc Committee of Health, which comprised a health clinic catering to the satisfaction of club members who relished in the presence of the assembly's chief speaker, Dra. tunnel rush

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