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Caguas communities receive funds for aqueducts

The second installment of American Recovery Plan Act funds for community aqueducts in Caguas will enable the acquisition of water pumping equipment and power generators.

By The Star Staff

The community aqueducts Pozo de Agua, El Paraíso and Parcelas Nuevas de Cañaboncito have received $126,472.33 in American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds to improve their capacity to respond to emergency situations.

“It is very important for the city that its community aqueducts remain operational in the event of an emergency,” Caguas Mayor William Miranda Torres said Monday in a press release. “The equipment that will be purchased with these funds is part of the development of energy redundancy projects to ensure … continuous operation of these water systems, for the benefit of the communities where they are located.”

This is the second installment of funds of this type and the aforementioned community aqueducts will acquire water pumping equipment and power generators. The first installment totaled nearly $98,000 in ARPA funds, through a grant program directed at nonprofit organizations that administer local community aqueducts, with the purpose of ensuring the supply of reliable drinking water for communities.

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