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Caguas welcomes Christmas with traditional performances

“This is the best way to celebrate the start of Christmas,” Caguas Mayor William Miranda Torres said.

By The Star Staff

Caguas Mayor William Miranda Torres lit up Christmas 2023 in the “Criollo City” late last week with a traditional event that spread across three stages and featured 16 performances, artisans and kiosks deployed throughout the traditional urban center of Caguas.

The event began at 5 p.m. Friday as the mayor welcomed the thousands of people who came to the city to witness the show that brought together local and international artists, in a safe environment where, according to the police, no crimes or incidents were reported.

“The Plaza Santiago R. Palmer, the Paseo José Gautier Benítez and the Paseo de las Artes are the scene of 16 first-rate artistic shows,” Miranda Torres said in his welcoming message. “This is the best way to celebrate the start of Christmas. It is also an opportunity that highlights the tourism potential of quality events during the festive season. What happens here has a positive impact on our artisans, restaurants and kiosks throughout the city center. It is an economic injection for the entire city.”

The traditional event had three stages at various points in the traditional urban center. On the Paseo Gautier Benítez was the stage for the traditional criollo workshop, Tuna Bardos, Herminio de Jesús, Luisito Matos and his tribute to El Gallo, and Grupo Manía. Meanwhile, the following artists performed at the Plaza Santiago R. Palmer: Reynaldo “El Chino” Santiago, La Tuna Segreles, José Nogueras, Charlie Aponte and Milly Quezada. The Paseo de las Artes hosted the artisan market and performances by the Caguas Children’s Choir, the Creole Choir, Tuna América, Andrés Jiménez, Rey Ruiz and Wilfrido Vargas.

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